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Exchange websites are designed for clubs that place the highest priority on ease-of-use.

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+How to Get a Website

First: Your Club must select EZclub as club's vendor at www.rotary.org.  Please read the section below entitled About designating EZclub as club vendor.  Make the selection, wait till the next day, then Login here at top/right of page and Click “Establish club website.”

First-timers automatically get first month free.  Make payment only if satisfied.  Payment options are in the upper left part of The Exchange after login.

The video demo (below) shows how to set-up the new website.  It really is as quick and easy as the video demonstrates.

Login requires a valid same as when logging into My Rotary at rotary.orgMy Rotary password and email address.  Login button is at the top right of this page.

Many questions are addressed below.  Use the “Contact Us” form, below, to shoot us a quick email and we'll be happy to respond promptly - by phone or by email.  There are real live people behind the scenes.

+Password, Login

EZclub Exchange websites utilize same email / password used to login to My Rotary at rotary.org.

Exchange Login: upper right corner of this page

Rotary International Links:

Email Rotary        Reset Password        Forgot Email        Tips

+Who Can Access The Exchange

Exchange websites are designed to be easily handed-off from one Rotarian volunteer to the next.

Access is granted to current Club Presidents, Secretaries, and Executive Secretaries while they hold office. 

Login requires a valid same as when logging into My Rotary at rotary.orgMy Rotary password and email address.

Additionally, a club member may be designated as “webmaster.”  Designated webmasters have the same access to The Exchange as standing club presidents, secretaries, executive secretaries.  Designated webmasters continues to have access so long as they remain an active member with their club or until the designation is removed.  Only one club member may be so designated at any given time.

+About designating EZclub as club vendor

A current officer of your club must authorize EZclub to connect to Rotary International’s database.  Follow these steps:
  1. Make sure you are signed-in to My Rotary at www.rotary.org
  2. Go to “Manage” → “Club & District Administration” → “Club Administration”
  3. Look under “Tell us which vendor you're allowing to view or view and update club data”
  4. Choose EZclub and select the option to view & update club data.
  5. Choose “I agree,” then submit

+Exchange Pricing

Set-Up Fee
$zero It's totally automated!
25 or fewer membersSmall Clubs
$7.95 per month
26 - 100 membersOther Clubs
$9.95 per month
Club Vendor
designation of EZclub as club vendor is required - learn more

Payment made via PayPal button (after registration & login).
Payment is made in advance annually based on the club’s active membership at the time of payment (per RI’s database).  There will be no payment adjustments as the result of a change to club’s membership count (honorary members included in the count).

If necessary, checks accepted via snail mail.  Contact EZclub before mailing a check.

+Send emails

Contact list includes all active members of participant’s club.  Email addresses are not available to website viewers.

Participants select recipients then click “Send Emails” to open their regular email program with the To: & Cc: fields pre-populated.  If clicking here opens your email program then the email service will work on this device.

The technology used in this service is ideal for small to mid-size clubs allowing perhaps 50-75 emails to be sent simultaneously.  Larger clubs would do better utilizing the more robust email functionality available with an EZclub full-featured website.

Email Neighboring Clubs:

Available to EZclub customers and non-customers alikeall Rotary Clubs -   FREE  FREE  FREE  at no chargeParticipants send emails to other participants within 60 miles.  It’s a great tool for “getting the word out” about upcoming club events and club news.

As clubs select EZclub as their vendor, the contact list is updated with their officers.  So help get the word out about The Exchange - more participating clubs means easier regional club-to-club communication.

Please read the section above entitled About designating EZclub as club vendor

+View & Download Club’s Membership Roster

No database to set-up or maintain!  The club’s membership roster is retrieved directly from Rotary International’s database.  It is presented in an easy-to-read tabular format displaying individual member detail when hovering the mouse over a member name.  The complete membership roster is downloadable into an Excel spreadsheet at the click of the mouse.

+International Localization

Though the webmaster controls remain localized to US/English, the website itself may be localized to your club's preferences.  Static website labels and date/time formats may be localized.  Localization is easy - look under the Help link when logged-in in website Edit mode.

+Update Rotary International’s Database

Add new club members, terminate club memberships, update member and club information directly in RI’s database.  EZclub uses state-of-the-art technology to add new members instantaneously obtaining the member ID - that means immediately.

As club officers, club meeting venue, club mailing address, club email address, club phone & fax are updated via The Exchange’s Data Portal, so too is the club’s EZclub website.

You won’t need to worry about keeping your club’s membership database in synch with RI’s.  That’s because your club’s database is refreshed daily, automatically, from RI.  Data flows down from RI’s database and directly into your club’s database early each morning.

+Club Website

Exchange websites are designed for clubs with 100 or fewer members.  Clubs with more than 100 members ought to consider an EZclub Full-Feature website.

Exchange websites are easy to customize, and they update themselves:

* Obtained directly from Rotary International

To illustrate, a club may wish to customize the website with a photo of the current club president and a related paragraph, to be updated each July 1st.  To make the annual change, the participant simply logs into The Exchange, clicks the “Edit Website” link, and makes the changes in a manner similar to using MS Word.  Assuming the new paragraph is ready to copy into the website, the entire process takes less than 10 minutes; and that includes watching the 2.5 minute tutorial video available right there on the website (click “Help”).  An Exchange website is truly a great choice for those who don’t have the time for an instruction manual or the patience to learn and remember technical detail.

There is no database set-up.  The website communicates, behind the scenes, directly with Rotary International’s database.

Using The Exchange’s Data Portal to update Rotary International ipso facto keeps the club website up-to-date as well.

Also, the website includes a system for posting articles in a manner similar to Facebook.  Recent posts appear in the website and older posts are catalogued and remain accessible by link in the sidebar.    The video demo (below) shows how.

+Video Demo - Website

Watch this 6 minute video and see how fast and easy it is to set-up an EZclub Exchange website.

+Post Calendar Events

Post entries that appear in your club's website with the option to post in neighboring EZclub websites as well.  Calendar entries are accepted up to 9 months in advance.  Once the date has past the entry is deleted automatically.

+Scrolling Newscast

Easily designate a portion of the webpage to be a scrolling newscast.  Text, photos, links scroll up and through the newscast box creating the impression of breaking news.

Its 1 minute instructional video may be found under the “Help” link when editing the website.

This is what the scroller looks like.

It's easy to set-up

It scrolls what ever you want.

And more..

+Slide Show

Simply upload photos into the slide show and the system does the rest.  When 2 or more photos are in its hopper, the slide show automatically appears at the top of the center column of the website.

It's so easy that no instructional video is required.  Simply login to The Exchange and click the big blue button entitled “Slide Show.”

+System Requirements

Administrators should be using a relatively up-to-date browser to login.  Older versions of MS Internet Explorer are not compatible.  Use of a mouse and keyboard are indicated when logged-in to The Exchange.

Regular viewers ought to be using a popular browser such as Chrome, Safari, FireFox, or Edge.  Visitors with Internet Explorer version 7 or earlier will be offered a free upgrade to a more up-to-date browser.

Not compatible with Opera-Mini (used with some smart-phones mostly outside of USA)

+Contact Us

Please include the position you hold with your club, e.g., Secretary, webmaster.  If you include your phone number please advise of a good time to speak (we're in EST).
Email EZclub


+Custom Domain / Web-address

The default website address of your club's Exchange website will be:

        http://rotaryclub.today/[name of your choosing goes here]

Your club can also have its own custom domain name such as "http://rotaryClubOfAnyTownPA.org" and have it work with your club's Exchange website. There are three ways to do this:

Have your host / domain registrar “re-direct” the domain to your Exchange website address. When visitors navigate to the custom domain they will be taken to the club's Exchange website; however, the rotaryclub.today web-address will appear in the address bar.
Nameserver Pointers
Have your host / domain registrar “point the domain's nameservers” to NS1.HOSTMONSTER.COM and NS2.HOSTMONSTER.COM.  Once that is done notify EZclub by email so the custom domain can be assigned to your club's Exchange website.  This method will continue to display the custom domain in the address bar while visiting the website.  However, when logged-in to make website edits, the rotaryclub.today address will be displayed in the address bar.
A Record
Have your host / domain registrar create an “A Record” that points to IP address  Once that is done notify EZclub by email so the custom domain can be assigned to your club's Exchange website.  This is the option you will want to use if your club intends on managing email addresses under its domain.  For example, if your club has a domain “myclub.org” registered with goDaddy, this approach will take web viewers to your Exchange website while allowing your club to set-up and maintain emails such as “president@myclub.org” at goDaddy.com.

This might sound very technical to you, but to customer support staff at a web hosting company it is pretty routine stuff.

There are many choices as to where one can purchase/register a domain.  Understand that you will NOT necessarily need to purchase a “hosting account” in order to register a domain.  The typical cost for a domain is between $10 and $20 per year depending on where it's registered and the domain name itself. 

Also consider purchasing “domain privacy” for an extra $10-$20 per year.  This makes your club's registration information inaccessible to the public, i.e., shields contact info from spammers.

Your club will own the custom domain.  If you change vendors you can take it with you and use it with the new website without announcing a web-address change.  Important: Be sure to include the domain's registration information as part of the documentation that gets reviewed and passed along as part of the annual changing of the guards.  The domain registrar will send “payment due” reminders to the email address it has on file so best to keep it up-to-date.

Some common places to register a domain