The Exchange
for small to mid-size clubs

Rotary Club Websites

ezclub is designed for clubs that desire an intuitive & easy-to-learn interface for maintaining their club's website.

Though easy to learn and master, ezclub offers the kind of powerful functionality desired by many clubs.

Easily create and maintain content, post photos, and access club membership information. Create a living history of your club with its searchable online newsletter.

RI Data Integration

ezclub, LLC is a licensed vendor of Rotary International and is fully certified to exchange data with RI - live, over the internet.  This includes both membership and club information.

Maintaining club membership information is particularly easy with ezclub.

Login is also integrated with Rotary International.  ezclub accepts the same user name and password as My Rotary at

Collaborating with RI

“We're excited to add ezclub as a partner.  ezclub, through its data integration with Rotary International, can reduce the burden of club administration and allow club and district leaders to focus their energy where it really belongs, on achieving the organization's strategic priorities: strengthening membership, increasing their service impact, and elevating Rotary's image.”
Peter Markos
Chief Information Officer
Rotary International


Website Options

1.  Full-feature websites:  For clubs of all sizes.  This system includes all the essential email utilities, a membership database that is integrated with Rotary International's, and large buttons with descriptive labels so it's easy to navigate.

This full-feature system is described more fully under the tabs on this page.  It includes all the features of the Exchange, below, and much more.

2.  Simplified websitesFor small to mid-size clubs.  There is no database to set-up.  Website updates itself with information obtained directly from Rotary International’s database.  Clubs customize their website by logging-in and simply changing the text & photos right in the website and clicking “Save”.  Visit The Exchange for information about simplified websites.


As you would expect, ezclub allows clubs to blast emails to the club's membership.  Additionally, ezclub supports inter-club communication by way of email and also by posting brief newsworthy articles to neighbouring ezclub websites.

The inter-club email system is an online group contact list that works with your computer's default email program.  Simply select the recipients and click the “Send” button to open your email program with the To: and Cc: fields pre-populated.  The contact list is comprised of participating club presidents and secretaries within 60 miles.

The inter-club group contact list is incorporated into the Full-Feature websites.  It is also part of the Exchange where it is available to ALL Rotary Clubs free of charge.