EZclub Websites
for Rotary Clubs

Rotary International ® Official Licensee

Easy to Set-up & Maintain

Optimized for busy Rotarians, EZclub websites are super easy to learn and to use.  With EZclub, instruction is minimal and the process for getting things done is generally obvious and straight forward.

The demo video, below, has not been edited in any way whatsoever.  See for yourself just how easy it can be.

Also, learn about EZclub's free District Database.  It facilitates inter-club communication and includes tools to aid district administration.


Your club needs a website address in today's world Attract new members

Club website is a resource for press releases, road signs, emails, etc.Promote your club

All EZclub websites include fully automated 2-way data sharing with Rotary International for both membership and club information. There are no separate databases to maintain or synch-up. You'll always be looking at your club's membership data as it resides on RI's servers. After all, if it's not there, it doesn't count! Data integration with RI

Integrated login - same as rotary.orgAccepts My Rotary password

Email and post to neighboring clubsInter-club communication

Email club members, members of other clubs, set N' forget featureAll essential email functions

Localize website (admin controls remain in US/English)Localize Presentation

  EZclub comes in two versions:

The Exchange

  • Choose for this type of club
  • Anyone can do it
  • $9.95 per month;  $7.95 for small clubs
  • First month Free
  • 5 minute set-up: video demo
  • Learn more

Full Feature Websites

  • Choose for this type of club
  • Robustly featured
  • Easy online searchable newsletter
  • Intuitive admin, easy-to-learn
  • Starting at $14.95 per month*
  • Learn more

EZclub is listed as a provider with My Rotary (rotary.org) under Manage | Community Marketplace | Club Management Systems & Website Vendors.

All Rotary Clubs, EZclub customers and non-customers alike, are encouraged to utilize The Exchange and participate in the group contact listing for neighboring clubs.  Usage is free.  This service utilizes your email program in conjunction with an online group contact list comprised of the presidents, secretaries, and executive secretaries of clubs within 60 miles of your club.  If clicking here opens your email program then it will work on this device.  The more clubs participating with The Exchange the more valuable and useful this inter-club email service becomes.