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Free District Database

A Free District Database is available to all Rotary Districts as a courtesy

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Your New Website is Minutes Away
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EZclub makes it easy to create and manage a functional website for clubs and other constituency oriented groups — where ease-of-use is a critical consideration.

More than a blog or a static website, the EZclub system includes the features you need to support an online presence for your organization.

There is no set-up fee, no delay in getting started, and EZclub is cost competitive.

  EZclub is perfect for:

It’s simple. We’ve done away with the overwhelming and endless features that you rarely use.  The result is a an intuituve, seamless system with no learning curve.

Bottom line, EZclub saves you time, money and frustration.  With EZclub you can accomplish your organizational goals without being bogged down with endless trivial and confusing tech problems.

Membership database is easier to organize than a smartphone contact list.
Minimalist structure keeps things simple and obvious.
Familiarity with MS Excel brings extended functionality following easy member data downloads.

Unlike other systems, with EZclub, passing along the webmaster baton will prove easy.

Feel free to click Contact Us to ask questions.  We’ll be happy to set-up a time to chat on the phone too.