Frequently Asked Questions

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Demo Videos?
demo videos
Rotary Clubs?
We are a Rotary International ® Official Licensee and have integrated systems exclusively for Rotary Clubs.

Rotary Clubs and Rotary Districts are free to utilize our standard club website system (as described in these pages), but it’s our exclusive Rotary Club system that includes data integration to keep club membership databases in synch with Rotary International’s.
Browser requirements?
MS Edge, MS Internet Explorer ( 9+ ), Chrome, FireFox, Safari.
I don’t need a database, I just want a website..
In that case, the database simply holds the list of individuals who can login and update the website.
Where can I find documentation?
Documentation is provided in context of the task at hand. That is, while logged-in, the various administrative tools have “help” or “?” links that provide instruction.

It should prove very worthwhile to watch the demo videos. They show enough to get you off to a very good start. More short demo videos are offered in a number of administrative tools while logged-in.
Can I import my current contact list into the database?
Yes. Instructions are available in the Members tool when logged-in. In short, you will prepare an Excel spreadsheet formatted per our specs and save it as a “csv” file. A formatted sample may be found here. It’s easy.
What about mobile devices?
EZclub is a modern HTML5 web app. As such, it does not required an app to be downloaded & installed on mobile devices. It remains available as a web app via the browser, e.g., chrome, Safari.

Though optimized to look best on laptops/desktops, your website will adjust itself to be easily viewable on most popular devices such as iPads and iPhones.

However, administrators will need a regular laptop/desktop computer,  with a mouse,  to access the administrative tools.

Handy: while logged-in on your smart phone and viewing the member roster, tapping “call” dials the number and “SMS” initiates a text message.
How many contacts can the database accomodate?
There is no hard-stop maximum. However, by design we’ve kept the interface simple. To access a particular contact, one scrolls through the list alphabetically by name (or jump to the beginning letter of the last name). This approach serves small and modest lists well. However, as one might imagine, scrolling through thousands of contacts to find an individual can start to get annoying, and tens of thousands impractical.
Can I include a non-member email list to send accassional updates / promotional material to followers?
Yes. Check out MailChimp. You can include a link to a MailChimp form for visitors who wish to be on your mailing list (or add one of their forms to your website). MailChimp has facilities to readily send bulk-emails. You won’t need to manage the list because listees can easily unsubscribe without your involvement. And for limited usage, mailChimp is free.

EZclub is not affiliated with MailChimp
Can I use my own domain as the website address?
Yes. If you do not already have a domain, you can purchase a domain at sites such as:
You own the domain, maintain its registration, and have it re-direct viewers to the web address of your EZclub website:
“[short name you assigned] e.g.,
What’s the url for the RSS feed?
“[short name you assigned]&rss e.g.,
I might need some help creating the website..
We don’t provide creative design services.

EZclub assumes that its customers have some experience with personal computers. Uploading photos, copy & paste, and keying are routine. But an eagerness to explore and create are most important. Professionals accustomed to using computers in an office setting, who routinely use the internet/social media, and have some experience with MS Word and Excel should feel comfortable with EZclub.

If after watching the demo videos you do not feel confident in your abilities, it will be best to find someone to help you. That is, someone who enjoys this kind of thing.

Notwithstanding the above, we may be inclined to help particularly nice customers get off to a good/efficient start. Just ask :)

Tip: Including a stunning photo as the background is the easiest way to make your website stand out. Embedding a background photo is easy - and it’s demonstrated in the first demo video. Background photos should be wide-enough to cover the area.
I am willing to pay for extra support. What can you do for me?
EZclub is designed to make it easy for do it yourselfers. Customers are expected to make use of available documentation & tutorial videos. Nevertheless, for a limited number of customers we can agree to make website updates for you. To be clear, all text, files, and photos must be supplied ready-to-publish and updates made within the existing system framework. “Updates,” as used here, does not include updating the member database; but updating the database is so straight forward and quick you won’t need any assistance.

Contact us directly to inquire.
What if I need a customized database solution?
Contact us directly to discuss. Once we understand your need we can discuss options including customized database programming - which may cost much less than you might expect.